GitKraken Highlights

In this post, I will show you one of the best GitKraken app highlights.

Giancarlos Garza

Published 1/13/2022

GitKraken Highlights
GitKraken Highlights

What is GitKraken?

The legendary Git client with an intuitive Git GUI & powerful CLI

You can download the git client from here:

This post blog aims to show you one of the best highlights of this client, so let's get started.

1. Projects

First of all, one of the great things about GitKraken is the ability to have all your projects in tabs and change between projects very quickly.

2. Branch

This app has an excellent user interface that allows you to do some actions easily, like creating a new branch, merging, renaming, deleting, etc. Just click on the commit message, and you'll see the dropdown with all the options.

3. Integrations

GitKraken made your life easier with all of these integrations for downloading a repository; from GitHub to Bitbucket or Azure DevOps, you can use one of these providers and download your repository.

4. Stage all changes

When you make a change in your IDE, or if you add an image, a file, video, etc. GitKraken client will automatically stage your files, and you will be able to see your changes and even discard those changes.

That's all for this post! I hope it will be helpful for you. ✌️
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